Words are hard. Sometimes writing even the simplest sentence feels like an elaborate juggling act. Were you clear and concise? Did you emphasize the most important ideas? Is what you wrote accurate and factual? And do not get started on punctuation—why are there so many different hyphens and dashs anyway? Where do you put that comma? Can you place an apostrophe after that S?

Do you work with words? Whether it is copyediting, developmental editing, fact-checking, or simply making your words hum, Accolades Editorial Services has you covered. I am Nicholas Boterf, the founder and editor-in-chief of Accolades Editorial Services. I have a PhD from Stanford University in Classics and know ancient Greek and Latin, as well as a smattering of French, Italian, and German. I can help you find the perfect word for any occasion and explain that word’s origins and history. I have published several articles on ancient literature in respected, peer-reviewed journals. My rigorous academic training and meticulous attention to detail allow me to research and fact-check any subject. Whether you need your words copyedited, substantially revised, or fact checked, Accolades Editorial Services has your back.

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Copyediting is the art of perfecting your words and readying them for publication. In copyediting I correct mistakes in spelling, grammar, punctuation, and formatting. If more extensive revisions are required, your words likely need substantive or developmental editing instead.

Substantive Editing

Also called line editing, substantive editing is a detailed, comprehensive look at your words. I consider questions of word choice, flow, and clarity. I shorten, expand, and reorder sentences as your subject matter demands. If your writing needs more significant restructuring, consider developmental editing.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing considers the bigger picture. Is your argument persuasive? Could you have structured your book differently? How can your words have a greater impact? These larger issues are addressed by developmental editing. If your words only need tightening up and not substantial revision, consider copyediting instead.


Fact-checking focuses on the information conveyed by your words. Did you state the truth? Did you get the details right? Are your citations and references all in order? Does your overall argument do justice to the facts? Fact-checking confirms that you got the information right.

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