My hair is long and unruly because of the coronavirus, so here is an older picture of me in looking in the distance. Feels vaguely symbolic, no?

I am Nicholas Boterf, the founder and editor-in-chief of Accolades Editorial Services.

I have always loved words. From a young age I practically lived in bookstores and read everything I could. As I grew older I even began to learn words in different languages. I took Latin in high school and, over a decade later, ended up graduating from Stanford University with a PhD in Classics. Don’t worry—I only force family members to call me “doctor.” Over the years I have worked with words in a variety of ways: I taught writing instruction while in graduate school and afterwards taught Latin to high school students. I have authored my own articles in respected, peer-reviewed journals and have helped other academics revise their own writing.

Now for the personal stuff: Coffee has replaced blood as my veins’ liquid of choice. I am a firm believer that pizza is the best foodstuff ever invented by humanity. I am a voracious reader—let’s not discuss my backlog or overstuffed bookshelves. In my spare time I watch films and write about cinema. I have multiple cats, who, I suspect, are all secretly trying to assassinate me. I tolerate their murdering ways because they purr when I rub their tummies.